Plan IT

Information technology systems are complex these days.  You need to know what will work best for your company.  We are here to help you plan what you need in order to do business in today's electronic dependent economy.  Having us consult with you or even develop a complete end to end plan for your business information systems will bring value to your business and enrich your employees with tools that work.  We can plan and build your system from the ground up or  upgrade or improve a current system without breaking the bank.

Implement IT

System planned out and need hardware and software? Got your system already? Need to get new equipment?  We do all of it.  From Office 365 to Windows servers to Desktops and laptops to networking equipment including wireless solutions, Wide Area Networks  and VPN and structured wiring.  We can do it.

Software?  Yep, no problem. Microsoft Office, Windows volume licensing, antivirus, backup and just about whatever else is out there.

We are partnered with the largest vendors with the widest array of products available.

Our customers are never guinea pigs and we don't learn on your dime.  Our products are tried tested and true.  There is extensive research and testing that goes into our specific product offerings.

These products and services are an extension of our reputation for delivering  simple, reliable, quality solutions and we back our stuff 100%


Support IT

Need someone to look after everything?  We do that too.  Our support systems include managed services that keep your systems optimized on a schedule.  It also includes antivirus, and simple systems monitoring and reporting to our operations centre.  We also include our remote support tools in our offering to minimize your downtime and provide almost immediate service.  Need support outside of normal business hours?  We can provide that too.

Our techs are experienced with everything from the mundane to the very complex. Complex includes multi site, multi server systems with support for On-Premise or Cloud based, Office 365, Hyper-V, Microsoft Exchange, IIS, SQL Server, UPSs, Backup systems including On-Premise, Cloud or Hybrid.  Our core expertise is your infrastructure and supporting systems.

Our networking capabilities include support for many different firewalls/routers, wide area networks, routed, bridged or site to site VPN.

This list is enormous.  So to keep it simple here, contact us and let us know what you need

Contact us to solve your deepest IT woes.

Stop looking for your answers elsewhere.  We have the solution to your IT problems.